Full First Issue: KISS/ARMY OF DARKNESS #1

"KISS/Army of Darkness TPB" preview

Read the full first issue of Kiss/Army of Darkness ahead of the softcover collected edition coming out this week from Dynamite Entertainment.

KISS/Army of Darkness TP
writers: Chad Bowers, Chris Sims
artist: Ruairí Coleman
cover: Ken Haeser
FC  |  128 pages  |  $19.99  |   Teen+  
KISS is on top of the world and rocking faces until the night disciples of The Destroyer show up and the band disappears. Now, with the KISS tour canceled, a young Ash misses one of the most important events of his life that will change his destiny. Now the Chosen One has to get back on the right path and join the KISS/ARMY OF DARKNESS!

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