Panel from 'Amazing Spider-Man #343'
Panel from 'Amazing Spider-Man #343'
Credit: Erik Larsen (Marvel Comics)
Erik Larsen
Erik Larsen
Credit: Image Comics

Writer/artist Erik Larsen has announced that he is doing new work for Marvel Comics - hi first significant work for the House of Ideas in 17 years.

"So - suddenly I've gotten a few small Marvel gigs," Larsen tweeted. "Nothing ongoing - just a few small gigs here and there - mostly short form, writing and drawing."

Larsen said that the new work constitutes 41 pages of comic book work in total, and that the publisher reached out to him to do it.

"It's their 80th anniversary and they're doing a few special projects," Larsen tweeted.

Although the writer/artist wouldn't say what the projects were, he said the lead characters in all of the projects were created before he was born. Larsen was born in 1962, so that would include most of the early Marvel heroes including Spider-Man - which Larsen is most associated with at Marvel.

Larsen's last major work with Marvel was the 2001-2002 Defenders title.

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