MOTHER SUPERION Cast for Netflix's WARRIOR NUN - Report

Mother Superion
Credit: Ben Dunn (Antarctic Press)

Sylvia De Fanti has been cast as Mother Superion in Netflix's Warrior Nun live-action series, according to Deadline. De Fanti will reportedly be a "key" series regular on the show, opposite the titular 'Warrior Nun' Alba Baptista.

"De Fanti will play Mother Superion, responsible for training the Warrior Nuns, and while she may not give the orders, she’s the one who really runs the place," explains Deadline. "Having witnessed horrors as a child, she’s burdened with the guilt of the things she did and didn’t do while just trying to survive."

De Fanti recently appeared on the Italian broadcaster Rai1's Don Matteo, and had a small role on Netflix/Rai1's Medici.

Based on the Antartic Press series Warrior Nun Areala, Warrior Nun is being written, produced, and showrun by Simon Barry.

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