PLANETSIDE Explores Real Life In Sci-Fi

Credit: Planetside

You've read stories about space wars, robot rebellions, and bizarre first contacts with disparate species, but what about the normal people and their normal lives around the universe? In the new anthology Planetside organized by editor Thea Ferrara, the lives of the casual citizens of the universe are explored.

Ferrara is using Kickstarter to raise $33,000 to publish Planetside.

Credit: Emily Cheeseman

"The characters in these stories, who range from human to alien to robot to parasitic hive mind, offer us a glimpse of their lives in this book," said Ferrara on the project's Kickstarter. "Much like our own lives, this might mean romance or comedy, joy or sadness. Many are even deeply introspective. But all of them ring true, because even in a world of cosmic wonders, the people who live there are just like us."

Creators working on Planetside stories including Juliette GMM López, Lily Madison Power, CJ Walker, Nate Bear, Yen Quach, Robin Rosell, Emily Cheeseman, Liam Baldwin, Sam Beck, Dashiell Silva, JD Benefield, Kata Kane, Garth Graham, Michael Terracciano, Mike DeCosta, Ksenia Zelentsova, Ryan King, Johnny Herber, Grace Teoh, Alex Chautin, Jenny Mckeon, Jolly Squish, Jim Gibbons, Matt Grigsby, Ryan Hill, Kevin Jay Stanton, Lin Darrow, E. N. Tót, Shaina Lu, Sunny Ôchumuk, Vivian Ho, Sonia Liao, Fleur Sciortino, Daniel Mercieca, Josh Cornillon, Will Quinn, Yi Bin Liang, Kevin Jay Stanton, Vicky Leta, Andy Bennett, Thea Ferrara, Annie Stoll, Barbara Perez Marquez & Bri Mcnamara, and Deandra Tan.

Credit: Jolly Squish

"We need your help to make this anthology real," Ferrara said. "We are paying our artists a fair page rate and that is why our Kickstarter goal starts at a higher number. Any extra money made above the goal & costs of making the books will be split evenly and go directly to the artists. The more money we raise, the more we will pay the artists on top of their page rates."

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