ZACHARY LEVI Promises THE ROCK He'll be 'Gentle' if SHAZAM! and BLACK ADAM Ever Fight

Black Adam by Alex Ross
Credit: DC Comics

Shazam! actor Zachary Levi has a promise - and maybe a challenge - for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who has been signed to play Shazam's nemesis Black Adam in his own film since before Levi even got his part. 

“Dwayne, Dwanta Claus, I promise if we ever get the opportunity to bring to fisticuffs, I will be so gentle – particularly because I don’t want to accidentally hit you and then die – I would really hate for that to happen!" Levi said jokingly, somewhat mimicking the style of a wrestling promo (via USAToday). "But I am very excited about the prospect, or the idea, of being able to have Shazam and Black Adam fight each other in the film world. That would be tremendously fun.”

Here's the video:

When Shazam! was first announced, Johnson was cast in the villain role as Black Adam before plans changed and Johnson was given his own solo film. However, no update on the status of the Black Adam solo film has been offered in the lead up to Shazam!'s release.

The last update came in August, 2018, with producer Hiram Garcia saying the film had a completed script and was "definitely" happening - but no word since then. Black Adam has never been assigned a release date.

Shazam! is due out in theaters April 5.

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