WALLY WEST Turns a Corner, and [Redacted] Returns From the Dead in HEROES IN CRISIS #7 - SPOILERS

Heroes in Crisis #7
Credit: DC
Credit: DC

Spoilers ahead for this week's Heroes in Crisis #7.

Heroes in Crisis #7 just made Wally West a leading suspect in the mass murder at Sanctuary.

The issue also showed Wally bringing Poison Ivy back to life (and we think, maybe, our prediction from a few months ago was right, that she’ll now become a Swamp Thing-type avatar of the Green - something a few DC issues hinted about).

So what makes Wally a suspect?

This is where it gets confusing. But the issue shows that a version of Wally West is actually still alive, five days after the murders.

This five-days-ahead version of Wally knows that he’s going to die. And sure enough, yet another version of Wally shows up to kill him.

So…. it sure seems like, immediately following the murders, the still-alive-during-the-murders version of Wally West time traveled to this five-days-ahead moment to kill the future version of himself. And then he apparently traveled back in time to put his dead body in the past, laying it among the dead characters at Sanctuary.

Why? Well, that’s the mystery.

But there’s another bit of dialogue in Heroes in Crisis #7 that implicates Wally. He’s also shown apologizing to Poison Ivy for “hurting” her.

Is this a confession?

There has to be more to the story, obviously, because there are so many clues that don’t make sense with Wally West being a solo murderer - like the chattering teeth in Commander Steel’s throat, the “Puddlers” message, and the different versions of the murders experienced by Booster and Harley.

But Wally’s apology to Ivy sure seems to implicate him.

So how does the story unfold in Heroes in Crisis #7? Let’s take a look at spoilers for this week’s issue.

A Rose by Any Other Name

The story begins with the appearance of those red-gloved hands again, the ones that pulled Harley Quinn’s rose out of the water.

The hands belong to Wally West, who is alive.

Wally plants the rose in a field of flowers, using an energy spark to spur it back to life. He quotes a poem that he remembers from his wedding to Linda (you know, the wedding that occurred in another universe and resulted in them having children who don’t exist anymore).

Credit: DC
Credit: DC

In this issue, readers are also shown a few of Wally’s “confession” treatment sessions from Sanctuary, where he admits that something is wrong with his mind, but he seems desperate to solve the problem. After each week at Sanctuary, he’s still not dealing well with the fact that his family is gone.

“I had this whole family and love and stuff,” Wally reflects in his third week’s confession. “I keep talking about that. And they got crushed by a time crisis multi something. Which was caused by Barry. And they’re gone for good and everyone wants me to be the symbol of hope.”

In fact, the issue ends with one of Wally’s confessions from Sanctuary, where he’s clearly upset that his treatment is taking so long.

Blue and Gold and Dynamicker Duo

In Barry Allen’s lab, Harley Quinn is attacking Booster Gold. (Reminder: Booster Gold and Blue Beetle broke into Barry’s lab in a previous issue. The two had discovered that Wally’s body was from five days in the future, but they were suddenly interrupted by the appearance of Harley and Batgirl.)

Credit: DC

Batgirl figures out how to disable Booster’s shield, and Harley threatens to kill Booster. But instead of fighting back, Booster just gives in. Go ahead and kill me, he says, dejectedly. But Harley can’t do it.

Neither of them, it seems, is a killer.

Finally, the four of them start working together, with Booster and Beetle sharing their discovery about Wally’s body being from five days in the future.

Today is the fifth day since the murder. So… that must mean Wally is alive, right? Or maybe he’s just about to die?

The four of them decide to search for the “alive” version of Wally West. They name themselves “Blue and Gold and the Dynamicker Duo” (although Batgirl doesn’t like that last part, which Harley coined).

Credit: DC

Booster suggests using some of the Skeets time tech to detect any time travel shenanigans, and Beetle suggests hooking him up to Kord satellites to boost his signal.

The issue also shows several cutaways to the Batcave, where Batman and Barry are using entirely different methods to look for Booster and Beetle after their escape from the Hall of Justice. Batman’s calmly waiting for the fugitives to make a mistake and set off one of his carefully placed alarms, but Barry is frantically searching the world for them.

Neither is succeeding, but it’s humorous to see the juxtaposed methods.

Eventually, one of Bruce’s alarms goes off, and now Bruce and Barry are on their way to stop the Blue and Gold and Dynamicker Duo.

Ivy Thing?

Back in the field of flowers, Wally hits the rose with another spark, and the rose suddenly has a pod-type bud in the middle of its bloom. As Wally talks about poetry being about creation of things - “how love makes things” - the pod/bud grows bigger. And bigger.

Credit: DC

And suddenly, the bud opens and Pamela Isley emerges from it, except she’s all green. (Yeah, see what we mean?)

Wally apologizes to Ivy, but she thanks him for helping her. His dialogue implies that, although he just brought her back to life, he was the one who hurt her in the first place.

“I hurt you, and then I did this,” Wally says. “This doesn’t make up for the hurt. And it doesn’t make up for … you just woke, you have life. I’m sorry you’ll have to see this.”

Ivy doesn’t understand. What will she see?

“Death,” Wally says. “You’ll see my death.”

Suddenly, another Wally West appears in a flurry of sparks, ending the issue.

Credit: DC

The story continues in the penultimate Heroes in Crisis #8, scheduled for release April 24.

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