Ennis' THE BOYS: New Storyline, New Mini-Series Announced

THE BOYS: New Storyline, New Mini

Who Knows What’s Happening Next In The Boys?

Remember that old story about the blind men and the elephant? Well, Hughie and his compatriots are in much the same situation: What Hughie knows is not what Butcher knows, and what Annie January knows is something else again. But readers will soon learn everything in the next The Boys story arc, which begins with a prologue in The Boys #39 before kicking into high gear in The Boys #40.

The Boys creator and writer Garth Ennis explained what’s going on in The Boys #39, a standalone prologue entitled “What I Know.” “We're taking stock of events to date and setting up the next move  forward,” Ennis said. “Butcher's reviewing the files and planning all sorts of dark  deeds. The man from Vought American is doing his own scheming, and has  made an important new ally at the company. Frenchie's doing his best  with the Female, MM's having some R&R. And Hughie's blissfully happy with Annie, unaware of what's coming down the pipe.”

So what is coming down the pipe? Is it safe to assume that “what I know” will become “what other people know, too?” That is, are some secrets about to become public knowledge? “Very much so, yes,” Ennis said. “But the new arc—’The Innocents,’ which runs through The Boys #s 40-43—also introduces a new team of heroes, Superduper. These guys  finally answer the question of where the good superheroes are in the The Boys' world—genuine heroes, the defenders of truth and justice,  warriors for the American way. In other words, the real thing at long last. They're a teen team from the far future of our planet, and all they want to do is what's right.

“We're building towards some unpleasant revelations, as mentioned, but  we'll also be seeing how Hughie's experiences at Herogasm are becoming increasingly difficult for him to live with.”

Speaking of Herogasm—what led to Ennis’ decision to make that a standalone miniseries rather than featuring it as an arc in the ongoing The Boys series? “Some spin-offs stand alone, like The Good Old Boys and Barracuda. Some tie into the ongoing plot, like Saint of Killers or One Man's WarHerogasm just turned out to be the latter kind,” Ennis said. He also confirmed that there will be additional The Boys spinoffs in the near future. “There'll be another miniseries in 2010 featuring Hughie, and a third the following year with Butcher.”

The more miniseries, the better as far as fans of The Boys are concerned—especially considering the fact that the main series is now past its halfway point. “As I said earlier this year, we’ve expanded the run from sixty to seventy issues,” Ennis said.

One miniseries that isn’t in the works is a crossover involving The Boys and other superheroes. “The only characters worth crossing over with would be from Marvel or  DC, and neither publisher would be stupid enough to let The Boys loose on their characters, fun though it would be,” Ennis said. “The only way you're ever going to  see that sort of thing is by proxy!”

The Boys #39, featuring the standalone prologue “What I Know,” is slated for mid-February release.

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