History of the Marvel Universe #1

Check out a first look at History of the Marvel Universe, an upcoming project by writer (and defacto Marvel historian) Mark Waid and artists Javier Rodriguez and Alvaro Lopez. History of the Marvel Universe is one of the key projects in Marvel's 80th Anniversary celebration this year.

The six-issue series will have covers by Steve McNiven.

“We’ve seen Marvel histories and Marvel encyclopedias and Marvel handbooks, and I love that stuff. I absorb them like Galactus absorbs planets,” said Waid in a statement. “This is not that. There’s information here, but there’s also a story. The Marvel Universe is a living thing, it is its own story, and we’re trying to approach it with some degree of heart to find the heart in that story so it doesn’t read like 120 pages of Wikipedia.”

History of the Marvel Universe #1 is solicited to debut in July.

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