Detective Comics #1000
Credit: Greg Capullo/Jonathan Glapion/FCO Plascencia (DC)

Long-time DC Senior Editor Chris Conroy is leaving the Batman group offices to work on the company's Black Label and Vertigo lines, and specifically heading up the Sandman Universe titles. Conroy's final Batman title is this week's Detective Comics #1000, as he announced on Twitter.

"Good morning, and I hope you’re all enjoying Detective Comics #1000! Now that it’s finally on the stands, I can make this announcement: That issue is my mic-drop in the DC Universe," Conroy tweeted. "When I return to work on Monday, I’ll have switched over to the Black Label/Vertigo group."

"I spent ten pretty incredible years working as a part of the mainline DCU, and now I’m ready for a new challenge - to tell stories with these characters in a different way, and to help shepherd creator-owned books for the first time. I honestly cannot wait," Conroy added. "And my first project is a 'time travel back to tell your fourteen-year-old self' moment that’s right up there with 'Jim Lee knows your name and you chat in the elevator routinely': I’ll be taking over the Sandman Universe books. That title changed my life. What an honor."

Conroy joined DC in February 2005, and over the years worked his way up from Editorial Administration Operations Coordinator to Assistant Editor, Editor, and now Senior Editor. He most recently edited Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Old Lady Harley, and several of the Walmart-exclusive DC Giant titles. Conroy's replacement has not been confirmed.

"You killed it on Batman; you’ll kill it on the fancy books. You’re one of the best, man," Batman writer Tom King tweeted following news of Conroy's new position. "We’re lucky to have you."

In his new role at Vertigo and DC Black Label, Conroy is reunited with Executive Editor Mark Doyle - the two worked together for several years when Doyle was the Batman Group Editor.

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