FINAL: Marvel Tease - "The Year of Spider-Man Is 2010"

Tease: "Year of Spider-Man Is 2010"

At last, the full image. Here is Marvel's tease in all its glory. Were the missing pieces what you thought they'd be?

Published Wednesday, December 30 2009And another one*. This time, the Lizard, Curt Connors is in full effect. The newest (3rd) image is first. Click through the gallery on the right for the other two; Ctrl-Click (Command-Click on Mac) to open each image in a new tab, then debate and discuss. At the end of the gallery, we've put together the image so far, including any of the small individual puzzle pieces that fit.

* Published Tuesday, December 29 2009: As speculated, on Tuesday Marvel Comics has released another part of the "The Year of Spider-Man is 2010" jigsaw puzzle, their second in two days**.

** Published Monday, December 28th 2009: On Monday Marvel released what's sure to be the first of multi-part tease regarding the Spider-Man family in 2010, with the brief copy, "The Year of Spider-Man Is 2010."

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