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Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige spoke at length about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a hefty chat with ScreenRant, hinting at a variety of future projects from a potential Young Avengers like spin-off, to the Eternals as a document of MCU history, and even Ms. Marvel.

Right off the bat, Feige addressed the question of whether Kamala Khan could have appeared in Captain Marvel in a hidden Easter egg, similar to the semi-confirmed theory that a young Peter Parker appeared in Iron Man 2

"No. No. I mean Monica you've mentioned and it's not hidden," Feige said, referring to Monica Rambeau, Carol Danvers' comic book predecessor as Captain Marvel who appeared as a child in the film. "Obviously. It's right there. The answer is no. Cause I think Ms. Marvel is a contemporary story and I don't think she was born yet."

Both Feige and Carol Danvers actor Brie Larson have namechecked Kamala as a likely future addition to the franchise. And alongside Kamala, Feige says there is potential in the idea of a team-up between characters such as Cassie Lang and Monica Rambeau in the future.

"That would be fun. That would be a good idea," Feige hinted when asked about Cassie and Monica specifically." As I sort of said before anything not announced yet or anything post Endgame and Spider-Man is all just full of potential."

<b>Young Avengers #5</b> Jim Cheung
Young Avengers #5 Jim Cheung
Credit: Marvel Comics

Rumors that an older Cassie Lang would appear as a hero in Avengers: Endgame have circulated since 16-year old Emma Fuhrmann was reportedly cast in the role, with an older version of Clint Barton's daughter seen training alongside him in the latest trailer stoking consideration of a Young Avengers type team-up.

And speaking of Cassie Lang, her family may play a big role in the future of the MCU, as Feige confirmed that the Quantum Realm - the subatomic key to Ant-Man's powers which is also a big plot-point in Endgame - will be "important" in Marvel's next phase (here's how we think that could work ).

"I think really important," Feige said. "I think it's one of the fun things about the comics that allow you to explore entirely new terrains. And we've hinted at it now in numerous films and its primarily untapped potential."

Along with namechecking Eternals, whose story Feige cryptically confirmed will span human history and the future of the MCU, he offered some check-ins on other popular characters - specifically the characters of Black Panther and Wakanda.

"Wakanda and Panther and his amazing, amazing, group of characters will be seen in many different ways in the future," he confirmed, perhaps hinting again at a spin-off film for Okoye, Nakia, and Shuri.

Feige also confirmed that Marvel Studios is hands-on for the Marvel projects coming to the Disney+ streaming service such as Loki, Winter Soldier & Falcon, and Vision & Scarlet Witch, seemingly saying the series could fulfill the promise of unified Marvel TV and movie universes.

"We were entirely involved. Marvel Studios is producing for Disney+," he explained. "And, without being too specific, we want to do something that’s going to stand right alongside the MCU films and we’ll be completely intertwined and the story and the characters will go back and forth between Disney+ programming and the films."

From there, Feige summed up Marvel's future plans succinctly.

"Anything we haven't done, anything from the books that we haven't yet done in film is always on the table."

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