Original DAREDEVIL Showrunner Signs DISNEY TV Development Deal

Still from 'Daredevil' Opening Titles
Credit: Marvel Studios / Netflix

The new Disney-owned 20th Century Fox TV studio has made its first big hire, signing an overall TV development deal with Netflix's Daredevil TV creator and Defenders executive producer Drew Goddard.

"I am thrilled to be working so closely with Dana and her team," Goddard told The Hollywood Reporter referring to new Disney TV Studios ABC Entertainment chairman Dana Walden. "My relationship with Dana stretches back to the beginning when I first started at Buffy. Since then, I have had the privilege of working with Disney and Fox for the majority of my career in television, and I look forward to continuing those relationships over the next few years.”

Goddard's TV career began as a writer for the TV series Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off Angel.

"We have wanted to be in business with Drew since the day his work on our series Angel was over. That was in 2004," Walden added. "Having a new deal with him after all of this time makes me unspeakably happy. As a writer and director, he’s a 10; as a collaborator and magnet for other incredible writers, directors and actors, he is off the charts. Our goal is to support Drew as he builds his own spectacular production company inside of the Disney Television Studios."

Goddard developed Netflix's Daredevil TV series and was scheduled to serve as showrunner for the first season, though he departed prior to filming after signing on to direct a still in-development Sinister Six film for Sony, with Steven S. DeKnight taking the Daredevil job. Goddard later served as Executive Producer on Netflix's Defenders team-up show.

No specific projects were announced as part of the deal.

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