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Credit: ACO (Artists, Writers & Artisans)
Credit: Tim Bradstreet (Artists, Writers & Artisans)
Credit: Jeff Dekal (Artists, Writers & Artisans)

Former Marvel publisher Bill Jemas' latest comic book publishing venture Artists, Writers, and Artisans (AWA) has announced its first spate of comic book titles through the New York Times.

The publisher will launch with corporate espionage title American Ronin from writer Peter Milligan and artist ACO, along with Bad Mother, about a mother trying to find her missing daughter, by writer Christa Faust with a cover from Tim Bradstreet.

Then there's Fight Girls by writer/artist Frank Cho, about women competing to become queen of the galaxy, and writer Michael Moreci's Archangel 8 which focuses on a rogue angel.

Credit: Frank Cho (Artists, Writers & Artisans)
Credit: ACO (Artists, Writers & Artisans)

AWA has also recruited another former Marvel executive to its ranks, naming Marvel's previous Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso as Chief Creative Officer. Additionally, AWA has hired broker Jonathan F. Miller as Chairman.

AWA has also named the members of what it's calling a "creative council" - a roundtable of creators including Reginald Hudlin, Margaret Stohl, Gregg Hurwitz, Garth Ennis, and J. Michael Straczynski - who are workign to assemble a shared superhero universe for the publisher which will stand alongside its independent creator-owned titles.

The first AWA titles are expected to launch this year.

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