America's First GARFIELD Restaurant Opening in April

Credit: GarfieldEats/Paws

A Garfield-themed food delivery service is debuting in Toronto in April, part of a planned North American rollout of a unique comic/restaurant/mobile app experience.

GarfieldEats is an app-based 'mobile restaurant' that allows people to order Garfield-themed pizza, lasagna, 'Garficcino' coffee, fruit juices, cookies, and more. Orders are placed with a proprietery app, which includes Garfield cartoons and a game to play as well.

Here's a video from Garfield creator Jim Davis about the service:

GarfieldEats opened in Dubai as a test market, with delivery drivers riding green, electric Garfield-themed scooters.

GarfieldEats plans to expand worldwide by 2025.

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