R.L. STINE, GARTH ENNIS, More Involved with Second SHOCK Anthology

Shock Vol. 2
Credit: Andrei Bressan (AfterShock Comics)
Credit: Tim Bradstreet (AfterShock Comics)

R.L. Stine, Marguerite Bennett, Garth Ennis, Francesco Francavilla, and more are contributing to a just-announced second volume of AfterShock Comics' Shock. The anthology, curated by company publisher/CCO Joe Pruett, harkens back to classic comic anthologies such as Negative Burn - also organized by Pruett.

"When I started putting together the first volume of Shock I thought it would be a one-time event. I'd gather some great creators and allow them to tell some fun and intriguing short stories and that would be that. But, the first volume was met with such great enthusiasm and was received so well that that idea of doing additional volumes only made sense," said Pruett. "Which is fine by me, as I've always loved the anthology format and have throughout my career embraced the challenge of gathering the best talent and allowing them to tell short, yet entertaining stories."

Credit: Russ Braun (AfterShock Comics)

After what Pruett describes as success with the first volume in 2018, Shock Vol. 2 follows this June with what he hopes to be a new installment every "six months or so."

For this new volume, iconic teen horror writer R.L. Stine has contributed a new story.

"I like stories in which everything seems normal, but there's actually something terrifying very nearby. In this story, a movie director buys a perfectly beautiful luxury condo and has no idea of the evil lurking behind one door," said Stine. "I also like horror stories with a funny punchline, and I was very pleased when I came up with this one."

Bennett, who contributed to the first volume, returns with an erotic thriller.

Credit: Cliff Richards (AfterShock Comics)

"Our story is a disturbing erotic thriller about a vampiress who comes upon a repressed town in the 1600s, Bennett said. "Zac Roane is an absolute master of the sensual, righteous, and profane, and I can’t wait to bring the teeth back to the legend."

Here is the solicitation for the new graphic novel. Look for AfterShock's full June 2019 solicitations later this month on Newsarama.

SHOCK Vol 2 / $34.99 / 160 pages / FULL COLOR / On sale 06.26.19
Writers: R.L. Stine, Garth Ennis, Cullen Bunn, Marguerite Bennet & others
Artists: Russ Braun, Francesco Francavilla, Juan Doe, Sam Kieth & others
Cover: Tim Bradstreet
The highly anticipated follow up to the widely successful first volume of the SHOCK anthology, this oversized second volume continues to push boundaries and mix genres, inviting today's top creative talent of both comics and prose to craft tales of the fantastic, the horrific and the bizarre.
This handsome hardcover features the talents of Goosebumps creator R.L. Stine, Garth Ennis, Cullen Bunn, Russ Braun, Marguerite Bennet, Juan Doe, Jill Thompson, Sam Kieth, Aaron Douglas, Cliff Richards, Jim Starlin, Larry Stroman, Jamal Igle, Ray Fawkes, Joe Pruett, Kevin J. Anderson, Steve Rasnic Tem, Andrei Bressan, Tony Harris, Francesco Francavilla, Darko Macan, Don Handsfield, Phil Hester, Supernatural show runner Andrew Dabb and more – with outstanding Cover art by Timothy Bradstreet!
Conceived and edited by AfterShock Publisher and Chief Creative Officer, Joe Pruett, the multiple Eisner and Harvey Award nominated editor of the classic Negative Burn anthology series.

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