Word Balloon: The [GREG] RUCKA DEBRIEF, p. 1 - WW & Batwoman

Word Balloon: The RUCKA DEBRIEF, p.1

In this episode of the Word Balloon podcast it’s time for another 2-part edition of “The Rucka Debrief”, as writer Greg Rucka gives us details on all of his current and future projects.

Strong women have always been a key element of Rucka’s writing and in Part 1 Rucka and host John Siuntres discuss two of the stronger-willed female heroes of the DCU. Rucka’s back writing a brief stint for Wonder Woman in the 3-issue Blackest Night mini-series with artist Nicola Stott and delving into the origins of Kate Kane, the new Batwoman in Detective Comics.

Listen to Rucka discuss the Blackest Night series and hear more details about the writer’s plans for Detective Comics and a possible new Batwoman series in 2010, as first detailed Tuesday on Newsarama.

Click here to listen to the full audio podcast.

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