BRYAN HITCH Leaving HAWKMAN For Two New DC Projects

DC May 2019 solicitations
Credit: DC
Credit: DC Entertainment

Hawkman series artist Bryan Hitch has announced his departure from the title, with May's #12 as his final issue. DC's June 2019 solicitations announced a new artist, Will Conrad.

"Okay, well, since solicitations are out an noticed, yes, issue 12 is my last issue of Hawkman," tweeted Hitch. "I'd hope to be able to let you all know before solicitations but somebody dropped that ball at her office. So yeah, the beyond epic issue 12 is, sadly, my last issue."

Hitch, who re-affirmed his DC exclusivity, said that he has already agreed to two more projects with the publisher - both set to debut this year.

The artist also said he plans to draw covers for something related to Warren Ellis' WildStorm pop-up imprint. In the current The Wild Storm limited series, a modern-day Authority team are being organized. Hitch, of course, co-created the Authority with Ellis in 1999.

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