Swamp Kid
Credit: Kirk Scroggs (DC/DC Zoom)
Credit: Kirk Scroggs (DC/DC Zoom)

DC's Swamp Thing is being revamped for a Diary of a Wimpy Kid-style OGN titled The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid.

Scheduled to debut October 1 through the DC Zoom imprint, The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid by writer/artist Kirk Scroggs is a dramatic reimagination of Swamp Thing as a metahuman middle schooler named Russell Weinwright.

Credit: Kirk Scroggs (DC/DC Zoom)

"I knew I wanted to base it on the kid, have it from the kid’s perspective from the get-go," Scroggs told The Hollywood Reporter. "I knew I wanted it to be in the format that it’s in, I wanted it to look like a kid’s actual spiral notebook, like it’s coming straight from the source. I thought it’d be kinda nice to see the real Swamp Thing as the mentor character, but really focus on the kid."

Here is the advance solicitation:

Credit: Kirk Scroggs (DC/DC Zoom)

Written and illustrated by Kirk Scroggs
Warning! Unless you have express permission from Russell Weinwright to access his notebook, do not read any further. Seriously, we mean it.
Okay, if you are still with us, here is what we can share: Russell is a middle schooler; he excessively doodles; he has two best friends, Charlotte and Preston; he is not so great at sports; and he is pond scum. Nicknamed “Swamp Kid” by his classmates, Russell has algae for hair, a tree trunk for a right arm, and a parsnip for a thumb. Also, Russell's favorite meal is sunlight. Also, a frog lives in his arm.
In this notebook, Russell details in both hilarious text and color illustrations (complete with ketchup stains!) what it’s like to be different, to discover his true talents, to avoid the intense stare of Mr. Finneca (his suspicious science teacher who may also be a mad scientist), and to find humor in the everyday weird.
This is THE SECRET SPIRAL OF SWAMP KID by writer and illustrator Kirk Scroggs, and you’ll never look at middle school the same way again.
On sale everywhere books are sold 10/1/2019
MSRP: $9.99

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