JAMES BOND On the Trail of a Russian Ruse in ORIGIN #7 Preview

"James Bond: Origin #7" preview

Check out a preview of this week's James Bond: Origin #7.

James Bond: Origin #7
writer: Jeff Parker  |  artist: Ibrahim Moustafa, Roman Stevens
covers: Dan Panosian (A), Christian Ward (B), Stephen Mooney (C), Ibrahim Moustafa (D), Bob Q (E)
FC  |  32 pages  |  $3.99  |   Teen+  
New arc! New creative team! Perfect time to jump aboard one of the best-reviewed series of 2018-19!
RUSSIAN RUSE, Part 1: A Norwegian supply ship carrying gold mysteriously sinks. A Russian crew claims the Nazis are responsible. Royal Navy Lieutenant James Bond suspects foul play.Brought to you by JEFF PARKER (Aquaman, Fantastic Four) and superstar artist IBRAHIM MOUSTAFA (Mother Panic, The Flash)!

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