Salty Sailors & Zombie Dinosaurs in LADY REDBEARD

Lady Redbeard
Credit: Spicy Pulp Comics
Credit: Spicy Pulp Comics

Press Release

Lady Redbeard, the Spicy Pulp launch character, an unapologetic OLD SCHOOL ESCAPIST FANTASY from a bygone era. The tale of a sexy swashbuckler and her salty crew of buccaneers trapped in the Bermuda Triangle where anything and everything is possible! Zombie Dinosaurs? A lost NASA space shuttle? Foul language? A floating city full of beautiful glamazons? Time travel? How about all that and gorgeous artwork?  

Justin Gray (Hawkman, Jonah Hex, Countdown to Final Crisis, Power Girl, Punisher, Shanna) wanted to write a comic that features a larger main story that introduces new characters, and backed up by self-contained original short stories in pulp genres like sci-fi, fantasy, crime, horror, jungle action and so on. Sometimes you want to read a comic that takes you out of your day to day reality, something fun and engaging without needing to invest in a lengthy backstory or having an intimate knowledge of a character's history.  

If you like all those things plus the Twilight Zone or Philip K. Dick then Spicy Pulp Comics might be for you.

 And while Lady Redbeard is part of a larger story, there's more to love and enjoy about this first volume of Spicy Pulp Comics. Also included are two self-contained and complete stories.  

Come join legendary writer Justin Gray as he flexes his mind around a new creator-owned project, via Kickstarter.

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