Greg Rucka & J.H. Williams To Launch New BATWOMAN Title?

Even as Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III, the writer and artist of Detective Comics, are leaders in our Reader Favorites of 2009 Polls, the writer dropped a possible bombshell on his Twitter account Tuesday afternoon. The writer linked to a post on the official DCU Blog, The Source, talking about the end of the current storyline in the critically-acclaimed title, telling the origin of Batwoman. Rucka's accompanying statement, however, suggested not the end of the storyline, but the end of their run altogether, saying "JH and I finishing our Detective run... more news to come."

That news may have actually already come a week or so back. In a soon-to-be published exclusive podcast interview with John Siuntres of Word Balloon conducted December 8th, Rucka stated that not only will his and William's run conclude at least for now with Detective #860, but the creative team's current plans are to reunite to launch a new Batwoman title in 2010.

In the interview with Word Balloon, Rucka says he will remain on Detective at least through issues #861-863 for a story arc illustrated by Jock, "Then Jim [Williams III] and I are going to - and I'm probably going to get in trouble for saying this - we're starting on what will be a Batwoman title,” Rucka claims.

Rucka goes on to say that after a newly-crafted "good #1 issue", designed to make Batwoman completely accessible to new readers, his and Williams' intentions are for the last 5 parts of the initial 12-part Batwoman story they originally conceived for Detective to be told in the pages of this new Batwoman title.

That is "the big plan right now," Rucka qualifies.

Reached for comment Tuesday afternoon, DC Universe Executive Editor Dan DiDio told Newsarama, "J.H. and Greg will be wrapping up their run on Detective Comics for the time being. But we feel very strongly about the character and can guarantee she will be prominent in the DCU in 2010."

As to his own future on Detective, Rucka tells Word Balloon he doesn't know what it is yet, and that discussion whether he should stick around and write "someone else in a Bat-costume," has taken place with DC, but that the issue is still "up in the air" and depends on other professional commitments of his outside of comics. But if he remains with Detective, he promises Batwoman will still be a prominent character.

As previously confirmed by DiDio, Rucka added that the Question second feature in 'Tec will continue no matter how his plans for the main feature work out.

To hear Rucka's remarks in full context, please click below for the full 4+ minute excerpt from the audio interview. And look for the full Word Balloon interview with Rucka Wednesday here on Newsarama...


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