Justice League #19
Credit: Jorge Jiménez/ Alejandro Sanchez (DC)
Credit: Jorge Jimenez/Alejandro Sanchez (DC)

Spoilers ahead for March 6's Justice League #19.

This week’s Justice League #19 introduced a new “Justice League of Tomorrow,” and according to writer Scott Snyder, the team includes characters like a three-person Flash, White Lantern John Stewart, and Shane (the son of Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl).

The issue also ended with Superman stuck in a universe that was created specifically to trap him, where the skeletal remains of dozens of other Supermen attest to the trap’s effectiveness.

Justice League #19 was the first issue in a story arc titled “The Sixth Dimension,” created by Snyder with artist Jorge Jimenez (who came up with the Superman-trap idea).

In our recent interview with Snyder, the writer said the events from this storyline will lead into an upcoming event titled “The Year of the Villain,” which starts in May.

Newsarama talked to Snyder about the Justice League of Tomorrow, the appearance by Mr. Mxyzptlk, and what Superman faces in this seemingly inescapable trap.

Newsarama: Scott, this appearance by Mxyzptlk was a lot of fun, but will we see more of him? Is he going to have more of a role?

Scott Snyder: Thanks, yeah, he will. You’re going to see him expand and go as big as you’ve ever seen him, and as scary as you’ve ever seen him. And you might see some other imps in this arc too that are fan-favorites.

Credit: Jorge Jiménez/ Alejandro Sanchez (DC)

Nrama: Some other imps?

Snyder: Some other … mites.

Nrama: Ah, OK. This issue also featured the appearance of “The Justice League of Tomorrow.” Can you describe these characters we saw in this issue — like, is that a child of Martian Manhunter and Kendra?

Snyder: Yeah, there are some very interesting developments with the characters. And yes, Martian Manhunter and Kendra have a child on this world. His name is Shane, and he’s got both of their abilities. He’s incredibly empathic and conductive, and he plays a big role in the arc.

Barry has combined with Wally and Jay to be a sort of ultimate Flash. So you see that.

John has become a White Lantern.

Batman is now somebody else. So that’s revealed next issue as well.

Credit: Jorge Jiménez/ Alejandro Sanchez (DC)

Nrama: So this is more than just cool, future costumes. This is, like, what happens years down the line when a certain story unfolds for these characters?

Snyder: Yeah. It’s a really, for me, fully developed, fully realized future DCU.

So you’ll see the characters in this DCU say, “This is why you have to create this future. It’s the only way to save the Multiverse. Let us show you why you have to do it, and how good it will be if you do.”

Nrama: But the question is, should our Justice League trust them?

Snyder: Well, I don’t want to spoil whether they should trust them or not, because I feel like it’s part of the story.

Nrama: With Superman in a trap, I’m leaning toward not trusting them.

Snyder: Well, they have a real purpose. I want them to be very adamant about why they think the Justice League should do that would make this world real.

It’s a really compelling argument the Future Superman and the rest of the Future League makes.

Credit: Jorge Jimenez/Alejandro Sanchez (DC)

Nrama: OK, let’s talk about Superman in this trap, one that was specifically designed for him. Those are bodies of other Supermen, right?

Snyder: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I don’t want to give too much away about it, but this arc has been something that I’ve been planning and building toward since I started Justice League. You know, it was in the plans from the very initial outline that I handed DC in 2017.

Credit: Jorge Jimenez/Alejandro Sanchez (DC)
Credit: DC

But one of the things that’s been great about it too has been getting to know Jorge. And he started telling me ideas he had for stories that he wanted to do down the line, wherever he could in different arcs, but he didn’t know where they fit.

The Superman part of this story is actually built off one of his ideas. I was going to put Superman in kind of a cage. But when he told me this idea he had for a universe that was created specifically to entrap Superman by a super-character who would have Superman’s abilities to move suns and move planets and create a perfect environment to keep him, I knew that was right.

So that’s why Jorge’s actually credited as “story by” both of us. I felt it would only be right, since he came up with that portion of the story.
He’s fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about him. And I honestly think this is our strongest arc so far. I’m really happy with it.

Credit: Jorge Jimenez/Alejandro Sanchez (DC)

Nrama: Before this issue came out, you detailed how important this story arc is to the future events at DC, including this summer’s big event.

So to finish up, is there anything else you want to share about Justice League?

Snyder: I really want to say thank you for the fact that this book has done so well with sales. And it’s still holding steady. And the energy around it from fans seems to be positive. And it means the world to all of us.

And I promise this story arc is a special one. So anyone out there reading this, this is the story you want to pick up. You don’t have to have read the story so far. You can pick it up blind. But it’s going to be a strong one, I promise.

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