Fundraiser To Help GAHAN WILSON Enter Memory Care Facility

Gahan Wilson
Gahan Wilson
Credit: Paul Winters
Credit: Gahan Wilson

A GoFundMe fundraiser to help cartoonist Gahan Wilson's family to admit him into a specialised 'memory care' assisted living facility has been launched. Gahan is best known for his horror-filled fantasy comic strips which have appeared in The New Yorker, National Lampoon, Playboy, and Colliers.

"Gahan is suffering from severe dementia. We have helped him through the stages of the disease and he is currently not doing very well," said Paul Winters, Gahan's step-son. "My mother, and his wife of fifty three years, Nancy Winters, passed away on March 2, 2019. She was his rock. His guide through the world. While we all helped with his care, it was my mother who grounded him. He is currently distraught and out of sorts with the world."

Gahan and his wife have been living together in an assisted living facility, but following her passing the facility is discharging him and recommending he move to a 'memory care' unit for specialized care.

"I know this is a sad story, but it is only the end of the story that is sad," Wilson said. "My mother lived a wonderful, full, life. She was a published novelist, she wrote articles in too many magazines to mention. Gahan, of course, is one of the greatest cartoonists to have ever picked up a pen."

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