SUICIDE SQUAD 2's Line-Up Includes KING SHARK, PEACEMAKER, More - Report

King Shark
Credit: DC Comics

James Gunn's Suicide Squad 2 script reportedly includes a a cast with several new characters. Collider reports that at least four new DC Comics characters will be joining the Squad.

Credit: DC Comics

First up is Ratcatcher. In comic books, Ratcatcher is Otis Flannegan, a sewer-dwelling former exterminator who uses his ability to communicate with rats to commit crimes. Collider reports that Suicide Squad 2's version will be largely the same, but will be portrayed as a younger woman who also has a penchant for poisons.

Then there's King Shark, a staple of DC's "New 52" Suicide Squad comic book. In comic books and reportedly on film, King Shark is Nanaue, the son of the Shark God, who is viewed as a genetic monster by society. King Shark previously appeared in several episodes of CW's Flash TV show portrayed by Dan Payne.

Credit: DC Comics

Next is Polka-Dot Man, a minor Batman villain who in comic books also went by Mister Polka-Dot, who has a costume covered in multi-colored polka-dots which can be removed to turn into a variety of weapons. The Suicide Squad 2 version's powers reportedly cause polka-dots to appear all over his body - leading to his embarrassment in his own abilities.

Credit: DC Comics

Finally there's Peacemaker. Originally a Charlton Comics character, Peacemaker is Christopher Smith, a pacifist extremist with the twisted belief that his own vigilante violence will lead to world peace. He's reportedly mostly unchanged on film, with Guardians of the Galaxy Drax actor Dave Bautista purportedly leading the pack to take the role. Interestingly, Peacemaker was the main inspiration for Watchmen's Comedian, with Watchmen's primary characters being based on former Charlton heroes.

The as-yet-untitled Suicide Squad 2 is scheduled for a May 21, 2021 theatrical release.

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