Readers' Favorites of 2009 Tourney: WRITERS Round 2

Favorites of 2009 Tourney: WRITERS Rd 2

Round 1 of the Favorite Writers 2009 tournament is over, and you had a lot to say. We recieved over 6,600 votes in each of the four brackets. Some were blowouts, some were pretty close. You had tons of more suggestions for candidates that weren't on the polls, and passionate reasons why your favorite should move on. Alas, there had to be winners. Bracket 1 was called about five minutes into the voting. With books like Green Lantern, Superman: Secret Origin, Flash: Rebirth, and of course Blackest Night, Geoff Johns won his bracket by a landslide. In Bracket 2, fellow DC architect Grant Morrison won handily, largely off his work in Batman and Robin. Ed Brubaker wouldn't let Marvel go unrepresented in the next round, winning Bracket 3 thanks to his continuing stories with the Captain America franchise. Finally, there was the close call of Bracket 4. All four writers, Bendis, Rucka, Kirkman, and Fraction had their fans out in force. Greg Rucka's Detective Comics featuring Batwoman wound up winning him the round by a relatively thin margin.

For Round 2, we'll be pitting the winners of Brackets 1 and 4 against each other, and the winners of Brackets 2 and 3 facing off. After one week of voting, the winners of Round 2 will go head to head in a final round to see who is crowned the Favorite WRITER of 2009.

Remember, you don’t have to be a registered Newsarama reader to participate. EVERYONE can help choose by picking one choice in each of the below brackets. Again, there are TWO of them in Round 2, so keep going until you’ve voted in BOTH brackets. Voting for Round 2 will remain open for 1 week.

There is still time to vote in round 1 of these categories:

Click here to vote for Favorite ARTIST of 2009, Round 1

Click here to vote for Favorite COVER of 2009, Round 1

Click here to vote for Favorite LIMITED SERIES or ORIGINAL GRAPHIC NOVEL of 2009, Round 1

Click here to vote for Favorite ONGOING SERIES of 2009, Round 1

** 11 Newsarama contributors submitted their lists for their personal Top 20 in each of the five categories. The results were tabulated using a weighted system that awarded an escalating number points according to how high the nominee appeared on the list - 20th place was worth 1 point, 19th place 2 points ... up to 20 points for 1st place.

The final nominee lists for round 1 are the top 16 nominees with the highest point totals in each category.

Each bracket is seeded according to point total, with the highest vote-getter in each bracket moving onto the next round.

The winners of Round 2's polls will go head-to-head in the final round to see who will be crowned champion.

There will be 3 total rounds for each category (the “Sweet 16”, “Final Four” and Finals) eventually resulting in one overall “Favorite of 2009”.

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