CYCLOPS is Back With the X-MEN - Now What? - SPOILERS

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Spoilers ahead for this week's Uncanny X-Men #13.

The original, adult Cyclops is back to life, back in action, and back in charge of an unlikely team of X-Men anchored by Cyke’s longtime rival/frenemy Wolverine (also back from the dead after a recent extended dirt nap).

But like ships passing in the night, Scott Summers’ return coincided with most of the X-Men - including his former lover and also recent resurrect-ee Jean Grey - being shunted into an alternate timeline and presumed dead. What’s more, a vaccine against mutants is circulating in the Marvel Universe, leading mutants to be as rare as ever.
So what is Cyclops - superhero, strategist, leader of the X-Men, and one-time mutant scion - going to do about it?
Well … He’s still sorta figuring that out.
Where the heck are the X-Men?
The X-Men are presumed dead in the wider Marvel Universe - but in actuality they’ve been transported to an alternate reality created by Nate Grey/X-Man as a 'mutant Utopia' (though the “Age of X-Man” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be). Unfortunately, as far as Cyclops knows, they really are dead.
But that doesn’t mean Cyclops is all alone in the new iteration of the team. Though the current line-up of Uncanny X-Men doesn’t feature too many heavy hitters, it’s got some classic characters in its ranks nonetheless. 
Along with Wolverine - the original genuine article - Magik, Havok, several Phalanx-possessed New Mutants, Wolfsbane, and Jamie Madrox have all joined up with Cyke - and several other X-Men including Hope and Banshee have been spotted alive (albeit potentially working alongside the Mutant Liberation Front).
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Mutants in peril
Years ago (in Marvel Universe time), a scientist named Dr. Kavita Rao developed a “mutant cure” that could shut off a subject’s X-gene. Now, a new version of that cure is available in the Marvel Universe as a vaccine - and it’s now available to the public, meaning that the number of mutants are dwindling even further as humanity now has the option of manifesting mutant powers.
Unfortunately for Cyclops, this mutant vaccine is also fueling the fire for anti-mutant politicians and public sentiment to grow, leading to attacks on mutants throughout the nation, and a scarcity in those willing to take up the cause alongside Cyclops.
And because of that, it seems Cyclops has given up on reigniting the mutant population - but it doesn’t seem he’s given up on the X-Men.
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Rose-colored glasses
Cyclops has a plan - a long one - that involves, in his words, “making the world a better place for everyone else than it ever was” for mutants. On the list are plans to deal with numerous mutant terrorists and villains including Magneto, the Shadow King, Apocalypse, Vulcan, Legion, and many more. 
The team actually dealt with the first item on the list in this week’s Uncanny X-Men #13, fighting and successfully capturing the Dark Beast. 
Credit: Marvel Comics
What’s next?
The X-Men’s future is somewhat murky - the future hasn’t been foretold to us yet as released solicitations haven’t reached the end of “Age of X-Man,” which has most of Marvel’s core mutants off in an alt-reality, presumably to return after that saga concludes.
What do know is that an X-Men will apparently die in an upcoming issue (another one, any way), and that the Hellfire Club is reforming, this time apparently under the purview of Emma Frost and Mystique - and all of that is after dealing with the Mutant Liberation Front, who appear to be led by Hope. And of course, Cyclops and the X-Men will become embroiled in Marvel’s upcoming line-wide War of the Realms crossover.
Whatever comes next for Cyclops and his ragtag crew of remnant X-Men, the story will continue in March 20’s Uncanny X-Men #14.
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