[REDACTED] Returns and [REDACTED] Rides Off in AVENGERS #16 - SPOILERS

Page from 'Avengers #16'
Credit: Marvel Comics

This week’s Avengers #16 from writer Jason Aaron and artists David Marquez and Erick Arciniega spells big changes for Ghost Rider.

Ride on – er… Read on to find out what’s on the road ahead for the Spirit of Vengeance.

Spoilers ahead for Avengers #16.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Thanks to the machinations of the villainous vampires, the Spirit of Vengeance has been fully unleashed to combat the Avengers to a standstill, while its host Robbie Reyes remains trapped in his own personal Hell – an endless, infernal traffic jam.

Begging for someone – anyone, even a demon – to free him, Robbie encounters a mysterious person also apparently stuck in Hell who offers him some advice.

The identity of the stranger is kept hidden til after the Avengers finally defeat the Spirit of Vengeance and bring Robbie back – but Robbie is deemed unfit to remain with the Avengers and sent home.

While lamenting his suspension from the team, Robbie looks back on his time trapped in Hell – revealing a meeting with his former mentor (and former Spirit of Vengeance) Johnny Blaze once again in his Ghost Rider form. But this time Johnny’s got a flaming crown above his head, proclaiming himself the “King of Hell” and warning Robbie of a future meeting between the two.

If you recall, Avengers writer Jason Aaron wrote 23 issues of Ghost Rider from 2008 to 2009.

The story continues in March 20’s Avengers #17.

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