SNYDER Begins Drumbeat for DC's Line-Wide 'Giant Crescendo': YEAR OF THE VILLAIN

DC May 2019 solicitations
Credit: DC
Justice League #19 cover
Justice League #19 cover
Credit: Jorge Jimenez (DC)

As bombastic as Justice League can be, series writer Scott Snyder says the title’s current story arc leads into an even bigger event this summer. But there’s more than one event coming over the next few months, as Snyder hasalso teased the “Justice Doom War” and “The Year of the Villain,” which both tie into decisions and events coming in the next few issues of Justice League.

As this week’s Justice League #19 kicks off “The Sixth Dimension” story arc featuring art (and co-writing) by Jorge Jimenez, Newsarama talked to Snyder to find out more about the summer event he teased on Monday, as well as what else readers can expect from Justice League.

Newsarama: Scott, last time we talked, you said “The Sixth Dimension” story arc sets up the summer event. Is there anything you can tell us about how this story arc leads into what’s coming this summer?

Scott Snyder: Yeah, the event that we’ve been teasing, and the storyline that we’ve been teasing really begins in earnest in July, but it will be addressed in our May special issue, our 25-cent issue, “Year of the Villain.”

It’s born out of what Luthor decides to do in this arc.

Credit: DC Comics

So in May, in that 25-cent issue, you’ll see Luthor decide to do something because of what’s happening here in Justice League that then spurs all of “The Year of the Villain.”

He’s kind of the big figure in “Year of the Villain.”

So it’s a big, stand-alone epic that I’m really, really proud of as a singular story. But it’s also the biggest piece yet that we’ve done in this big meta-narrative that goes from 2017 to 2020, leading up to “Year of the Villain,” to something we’re going to announce really soon that’s big, that’s at the end of “Year of the Villain,” and then our big, final thing.

The ultimate story that we’re building to on Justice League, before we get to line-wide, giant crescendo stuff, is “Justice Doom War.” And this arc is really the entire set-up for that.

So even though you can read them alone, and this is like a single volume that I’m really proud of, the things that happen here, and the really shocking ending to this arc, winds up being the thing that sets off not only “Year of the Villain,” but sets off the big war between the entire DCU over justice and doom, next arc.

Nrama: OK, let’s back up to something you said about the World Forger. If the Sixth Dimension is associated with the World Forger, then wouldn’t Hawkman be associated with this somehow? After all, he became the Forger’s dragon during Metal.

Snyder: Yeah, yeah. You’re going to see a big connection to Hawkman really, really soon.

What can I say about it without spoiling…?

Credit: DC Comics

I guess the best way I can put it is this: This year, I’ve been trying to do things that are modular, so that each story feels like something you can pick up and read, even if you’ve not been reading any of my other work or any of the other parts in a series.

So you can pick up The Batman Who Laughs, for example, and read it blind, even if you haven’t read Metal. But each of these things is feeding one engine. So Batman Who Laughs has very, very, very strong ties to what’s happening in Justice League.

Credit: DC Comics

And what happens at the end of Batman Who Laughs is going to affect Justice League, Hawkman, and other books, as is what’s happening in Justice League right now, in terms of its effect on Justice League Odyssey, Justice League Dark - the way those books affect this book.

We’re trying to build an ecosystem of work that began with Metal but has intertwined in different helix structures throughout the year, so that eventually, when we hit this arc, it’s really the beginning of all of it coming together to kind of crescendo in the summer and into the fall.

So by the end of this arc, you’ll see how all the pieces fit together, from Batman Who Laughs, to some of the stuff we haven’t announced yet, to some of the stuff that’s been building on Justice League Odyssey and Justice League Dark.

By the end of the summer, you’re going to say, “I see how all of it builds to…” something we can’t talk about yet. Something after “Justice Doom War.”

Nrama: The storylines that you’ve been doing, ever since the first issue, all trace back to Perpetua, who we see in all her glory in this week’s Justice League #19. The design is really striking, by the way.

Snyder: I love the design. Jorge really just knocked it out of the park.

Nrama: You keep talking about this summer event and next fall - is this all connected to Perpetua, or do we move into something else?

Credit: DC Comics

Snyder: Yes, they’re all connected to Perpetua in the way that it’s one big story. Essentially, Lex Luthor understands that the way that this universe was born once before, in its initial form, favored humans. Humans were a creature very different from what we are now. We had strands of Martian DNA in us, Thanagarian DNA - all of these different elements - and we were a perfect, predatory, everlasting creature. We were the favorite son of the celestial being, Perpetua, who made this universe. Favorite sons and daughters. It was her favorite creature.

And once it was found out, once her sons - her actual sons, the World Forger, the Monitor, and the Anti-Monitor - saw what she was doing, they turned her in to her own people. And in doing so, she was imprisoned in the wall and the universe was restarted in the correct, harmonious way, using the seven natural forces: The Speed Force, the Emotional Spectrum…

And so she’s been locked away for the entire history of the DCU until the wall was broken and she just was freed.

So the idea is essentially that all of these different strands, what Luthor is able to do now, in terms of freeing her, unlocking these energies, and what’s happening in Justice League Dark with magic and Justice League Odyssey with the Fourth World — all of those things are going to kind of wrap back around into a story where the heroes and villains have to decide what to do as she begins to turn our Multiverse into a weapon to use against the people that imprisoned her in the first place.

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