DEATHMATE Artist Returning to VALIANT to Launch New Ongoing?

Valiant Classified
Credit: Unidentified Artist (Valiant Entertainment)

Valiant Entertainment is sharing a teaser image (shown above) promoting an "industry icon" that is working on an upcoming new ongoing title for the publisher.

"Information about the title is currently classified, but we're so excited about it that we had to share a small sample of their upcoming work," said the Valiant e-mail.

From the style, it appears to be Brett Booth - who is finishing up a run on DC's Batman Beyond, and recently shared a illustration of Rai that he later said was "a test." In February 2019, Booth shared a look at a penciled page for a new project he expected would be announced in March 2019.


Booth also recently began following Valiant and the company's Marketing Coordinator Gregg Katzman on Twitter.

If this is confirmed to be Booth, it would be a return as the artist drew a portion of the 1993 Image Comics/Valiant crossover, Deathmate.

Look for Valiant's announcement of the creator and title here at Newsarama.

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