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Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez are taking Justice League to the Sixth Dimension, and they’re bringing the Fifth Dimension’s Mr. Mxyzptlk with them.

And according to Snyder, he and Jimenez will “unleash” Mxyzptlk “in a way that kind of lets him use all of his powers.”

And the League won’t be the only ones heading to the Sixth Dimension. The Legion of Doom is headed in that direction as well. And the locale also promises appearances by Perpetua’s children, the Anti-Monitor, the Monitor, and the World Forger who was introduced during Snyder’s event series Dark Nights: Metal.

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Snyder launched this new Justice League series in 2018, spinning his story out of the recent destruction of the DCU’s space-based Source Wall. Justice League #1 kicked off with the appearance of a singularity heralding the return of a powerful, goddess-type being named Perpetua.

Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom want to bring Perpetua back to her full glory, which means a world ruled by “doom.” Along the way, he’s awakening seven evil forces that counteract the powers of the Justice League.

Led by Martian Manhunter, the Justice League is hoping to stop Perpetua’s return and tip the scales toward a universe ruled by “justice.”

Newsarama talked to Snyder to find out more about “The Sixth Dimension” story, what it was like writing Mxyzptlk, and what readers can expect next.

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Newsarama: Scott, it seems like you’re taking all the different concepts of the DCU and kind of pushing them one step further. With the Sixth Dimension, did you always know that the World Forger existed in this other dimension?

Scott Snyder: Yeah, we came up with it when we were doing Metal, and then we just didn’t have a chance to explore or address the concept.

For me, it was something that came up in discussions when we were talking about expanding upon the mythology that Grant Morrison had created with Mxyzptlk and the different dimensions of the DCU when he had drawn the Multiversal map.

So part of the fun was giving that concept room to breathe here, where I felt like before, had we tried to put it into Metal, it would have been too much.

So it’s something I’ve been really wanting to explore for quite awhile.

Nrama: This is all part of Luthor’s grand plan to sort of restart these forces. And you know, I found it interesting that, in the last issue of Justice League, it was revealed that Vandal Savage had the opposite idea - he was intending to save the Earth from this “doom” that Lex is pursuing.

Snyder: Yeah. And spoiler … Vandal winds up playing a big part toward the end of our whole saga on Justice League.

To me, Vandal is diametrically opposed to Luthor and the idea that all truth is good truth.

Vandal feels, in some ways, that his role is to protect humanity from the truth of themselves.

So here, in this arc, the heroes are basically down and out and looking for a way to stop Luthor, who’s unlocked all these truths about the different energies that are the underbelly of the forces that we know, and about Perpetua, who he’s now raised (and by issue #22 will be woken up fully).

They’re trying to almost find a place they can go to re-imagine what’s possible.

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So the Sixth Dimension is like the control room of the Multiverse. In dire times, the door becomes accessible to go to the emergency control room to figure out if there is a way of repairing what seems to be broken forever.

Nrama: How was it writing Mxyzptlk?

Snyder: Oh, I love him. I’ve wanted to write him since I was a kid, honestly. He’s one of my favorites in the cartoons and in comics. He’s so unassumingly silly.

But he’s one of the most powerful characters in the DCU. He’s literally a being of pure imagination, or a lord of imagination, you know?

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Nrama: Solicitations hint that he might be helping the Justice League get to the Sixth Dimension.

Snyder: Yeah, I wanted to bring him in in a way that would feel fun and new, and then kind of unleash him in a way that kind of lets him use all of his powers.

Nrama: But not only are the heroes going there, but Lex is also trying to get to the Sixth Dimension, right?

Snyder: Yes, this arc is the culmination of everything we’ve been building on Justice League. I wanted to do an initial arc with the whole team together, and then begin to split them up over the subsequent stories and get to really explore them as characters individually, as pairs, building relationships.

But this story brings them all back into one giant six-part epic - really seven, if you count the “Legion of Doom” issue.

So the energies you’re talking about … you know, five of them have been unlocked so far for Luthor. This will be the sixth, if he manages this. And then there’s only one left before Perpetua is fully enabled.

Nrama: So the heroes are racing to prevent Perpetua’s comeback. But Lex wants her back because he envisions a better universe. But what does Perpetua want?

Snyder: You’ll get the explanation in Justice League #20, what her plan will be.

This is the arc where you find out everything. After this arc, not only will there be no more secrets in the series, but all the pieces we’ve set up will suddenly be energized and in play.

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So Perpetua, all the powers and energies that the Legion of Doom has been acquiring, from the Still Force for Grodd to the Ultraviolet Spectrum for Sinestro - all of those things are going to get powered up by the end of this arc.

A lot of the mythology we’ve been creating behind the World Forger, whom you’ve never met, comes into this arc. The Anti-Monitor, the Monitor.

Nrama: It feels like an event, Scott.

Snyder: It really is almost a mini-event, but it’s very carefully designed to make sure the emotional groundwork that’s been laid throughout the series gets a lot of breathing room. We really want this to be a personal, intimate arc while still feeling like, over-the-top in terms of its scope and ambition and bombast.

So it’s a stand-alone story, but what happens now sets up the whole summer event. 

Check back tomorrow for more of our interview with Scott Snyder about his plans for Justice League and how the events of “The Sixth Dimension” story arc lead into this year’s DC event, “The Year of the Villain.”

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