New BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT and MISTER MIRACLE Hardcovers Exclusive to Diamond Retailers

Batman: The White Knight
Credit: Sean Murphy (DC/DC Black Label)
Credit: Nick Derington (DC)

DC are planning new hardcover editions of Batman: The White Knight and Mister Miracle that will be exclusive to Diamond Comic Distributors customers, which are primarily comic book stores but also includes Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Credit: Sean Murphy (DC/DC Black Label)

"All credit to [DC Co-Publisher] Dan Didio for this," Mister Miracle artist Mitch Gerads tweeted. "He saw how many tweets we were getting asking about a HC release and saw that the direct market needed an exclusive of their own so he set it in motion. If you’re interested tell your LCS you want in."

DC recently released a Barnes & Noble exclusive edition of Mister Miracle, with a new cover, a "special" introduction by Tom King, and the script to the first issue.

Both volumes will include dust jackets with new covers by Sean Murphy and Nick Derington, respectively. They are scheduled to go on-sale May 15.

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