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Oni Press May 2019 cover
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(W) Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt (A/CA) Carlos Zamudio, A.C. Zamudio
The world is thinnest at The Crossroads, a mythical plane that serves as a doorway throughout the universe. It is here that a band of adventurers throughout the Wild West gather, brought together by Kalfu and Abigail Redmayne with a singular purpose: to fight back against the creatures that would endanger the sanctity of all creation. Shadow Roads, a stand-alone story, is the set in the world that remains after the conclusion of Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, and Bill Crabtree's critically-acclaimed series, The Sixth Gun. Collects the first arc, issues 1-5.
In Shops: Jun 19, 2019
SRP: $19.99


(W) Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt (CA) A.C. Zamudio (A/CA) Carlos Zamudio
Henry Grey is missing. Abigail fears that Henry's enigmatic and powerful blade is at the heart of his disappearance. Her pursuit of this mystery leads her and Kalfu to a famed purveyor of magical artifacts and antiquities. Halfway across the globe, an impossible reunion is made in the city of Calcutta, India.
In Shops: Apr 03, 2019
SRP: $3.99


(W) Kyle Starks, Karla Pacheco (A) Ian McGinty (CA) Sarah Stern (A/CA) Marc Ellerby (Variant) Mike Vasquez
Oh, bruh, you need to steel yourself for this one because some stuff went down, and RICK AND MORTY ARE DOING A GROUNDHOG DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
In Shops: Apr 24, 2019
SRP: $3.99


(W) Dylan Meconis, Ben Coleman (A) Emilee Denich (CA) Fred Stresing
Flix Bixby has always had a chip on his shoulder... specifically, Midshipman "Chip" Nimitz, the spunky wunderkind he played on SkylarksMAX. So it's no surprise when a cult obsessed with his performance kidnaps Flix and Dez, and he becomes a bargaining chip in their high-stakes canon purity trial. When a challenger enters the courtroom, Flix must fight to save his life's work from being written out of the timeline... or let the chips fall where they may. Meanwhile, Dez chips away at an escape plan with a little help from some of her favorite Afrofuturist lesbian space-angels....
In Shops: Apr 10, 2019
SRP: $3.99


(W) Magdalene Visaggio (A/CA) Claudia Aguirre
The Sick Sisters know there's something wrong in their small town of Tucker, Ohio-and they also know that the authorities aren't doing anything about it. When the girls take the investigation into their own hands, they run into wild conspiracy theories, abandoned homes... and something that screeches in the night.
In Shops: Apr 17, 2019
SRP: $3.99


(W) Ted Naifeh (A/CA) Ted Naifeh
The fifth volume of the award-winning graphic novel series from New York Times bestselling creator Ted Naifeh, collected in full-color softcover editions for the first time!
Courtney Crumrin doesn't have many friends, and she prefers to keep it that way. But new girl Holly Hart is on her way to discovering the magical side of Hillsborough almost exactly like Courtney did-face-first and woefully unprepared. So Courtney takes the opportunity to show Holly the ropes-just like Uncle Aloysius did for her. But it turns out Holly doesn't want her help, because she knows the real Courtney Crumrin. The one the Night Things whisper about. The one the other kids are afraid of. Will Courtney be able to convince her that she's not the vengeful witch she appears to be? Or will Holly take matters-and magic-into her own hands?
In Shops: Jun 26, 2019
SRP: $12.99


(W) Sarah Graley (A/CA) Sarah Graley
Hit cartoonist Sarah Graley (Our Super Adventure) tells a new story about the trials of supernatural dating in Kim Reaper: Vampire Island! College relationships are tough for everyone, but they're extra hard for Kim. Her grumpy grim reaper bosses are always making her work overtime, her girlfriend Becka's roommate keeps hanging around, and for some reason, she's going on an awkward group date to Vampire Island! But when she stumbles into a long-lost friend, Kim accidentally finds herself in the middle of a vampire grudge, plus a new strain on her relationship. Surely she can figure out how to study, be a good girlfriend, maintain her social life, and still pay rent? She just might need a little help.
In Shops: Jun 12, 2019
SRP: $14.99


(W) Eric Trueheart, Dave Crosland, Sarah Graley (A) Warren Wucinich, Maddie C., Dave Crosland, Sarah Graley (CA) Fred Stresing
Get ready for another deluxe hardcover edition of the critically-acclaimed Invader ZIM comics, based on the fan-favorite Nickelodeon TV show! This collection of issues #21-30 includes the 4-issue VIROOZ arc, the 2-part "Darkpoop" story, and "Terror of the Time Thingy," a tale of time-bending madness that will either melt your mind or elevate it to another level of being. (No refunds either way.) So sit back and enjoy these hilarious comics, specially enlarged for your reading pleasure. Recap Kid-approved!
In Shops: Jun 19, 2019
SRP: $49.99


(W) Sam Logan (A) Maddie C. (CA) Warren Wucinich (Variant) Rachel Adler
Meet the Plim-an alien race that's never been beyond their own planet, never known the wonders of the universe. In fact, they have a prophecy that one day a hero will come crashing through their atmosphere, bringing tales from across the galaxy! So what happens when both ZIM and Dib crash-land on their planet? The prophecy only said there'd be ONE hero, so... which one of them could it be?
In Shops: Apr 24, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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