Final 12 BECK Volumes Makes Surprise English Debut on COMIXOLOGY

Credit: Harold Sakuishi (Kodansha Comics)
Credit: Harold Sakuishi (Kodansha Comics)

Harold Sakuishi's complete Beck manga series - all 34 volumes - has been added to comiXology by Kodansha Comics. TOKYOPOP previously released the first 12 volumes in print back in the early 2000s, and Kodansha released volumes 1 through 22 digitally on comiXology last year. With today's release of volumes 23 through 34 however, it is the first time all 34 volumes have been officially available in English.

"Beck is the story of fourteen-year-old Yukio Tanaka. He has no hobbies, bad taste in music, and his shy and neurotic personality make him his own worst enemy," reads Kodansha's description of the series. "Little does he know that his life will be forever changed when he meets rocker Ryusuke Minami, an unpredictable sixteen-year-old with a cool dog named Beck. Ryusuke inspires Yukio to get into music, and the two begin a journey through the world of rock ‘n’ roll dreams!"

Alogn with that, the volumes 8 and 9 of Sakuishi's Seven Shaespeares has also been added to comiXology.

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