DC 'Rethinking' Collected Edition Program, Mulling Print-Exclusive Content

Batman #67 variant
Credit: Dave Johnson (DC)
Dan DiDio
Dan DiDio
Credit: DC Entertainment

DC plans to redcuce the number of collected editions it releases due to perceived glut in the marketplace, according to Co-Publisher Dan DiDio. This comes following a presentation at this past weekend's closed-door ComicsPRO annual meeting.

"We feel there are too many collections in the market and the shelves are overcrowded with nothing standing out," DiDio wrote in a private retailer Facebook group, shared by several retailers with Newsarama. "We are rethinking ways to build collections, including adding material in the print versions that will not be available in the digital."

DiDio went on to say the recent decrease in the number of DC comic book titles per month is part of a broader strategy to trim the DCU line - but with those resources redirected to other new books (and other lines).

"Yes, I did say we are trimming the line 10-15%, but it something we've already done and it was mainly to reduce the number of lower-selling books and redirect resources into other initatives at DC (like our Young Adult line of books)," DiDio wrote. "We will be adding titles, but its to replace other low books, and not just over-producing."

This is in line with a August 2018 interview in which DiDio said there was an "oversaturation of product" in the Direct Market.

"If you're looking at the numbers, you're looking at 400 new periodicals a month. I can't even imagine the number of collections that come out a month. It's overwhelming."

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