DC's WALMART GIANTS Expanding to Comic Stores

Batman Giant #8
Credit: Nick Derington (DC)
Credit: DC Entertainment

DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio has announced that its line of 100-page Giant anthlogies would no longer be Walmart-exclusives and will be available in comic book stories eventually. In a post on his personal Facebook page, DiDio said the line was "Successful and continuing."

"For those fans of the DC Giants at Walmart, have to clear up some misinformation making the rounds. Just want to let you know these books are doing well, so well that we are looking to expand the number of original pages in each book and include distribution to the direct market," DiDio said. "Look for these and new titles later this year. The promise is to keep it one of the best values and reading experiences in the market."

Credit: DC

DiDio didn't address whether the titles will also be released on digital devices.

DC's 100-page Giant anthologies debuted July 1, 2019 at Walmart stores across the United States.  On the week of their debut, writer Tom King - who is writing the lead serial for the Superman anthology, said the exclusivity to Walmart was the "price we had to pay" to be shelved at Walmart.

"My goal in doing the Superman Walmart book is to put new customers into comic shops. You like this Superman, go check out this Batman," King wrote. "Why exclusive then? That was the price we had to pay to get this opportunity. I don't like it, but I think it's worth it."

In January 2019, a Target-exclusive one-shot Primal Age 100-Page Giant was released.

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