Syfy's WYNONNA EARP Future In Question

Wynonna Earp
Credit: IDW Entertainment/SYFY

The future of SYFY's Wynonna Earp series is in doubt - with even series star Melanie Scrofano in the dark about the show's announced fourth season. IDW, which produces the series (and publishes the original comic book series),  previously stated that the fourth season was to debut in "spring 2019."

"I don’t know anything, unfortunately. All we know is we aren’t shooting right now and don’t know why," Scrofano tweeted, in response to a fan's question about the show.

Earpers, as fans of the show call themselves, have responded with a #FightForWynonna Twitter campaign in an effort to save the seemingly troubled show. Syfy responded to that with a statement shared on their SYFYWire news outlet.

"SYFY ordered Season 4 of Wynonna Earp from IDW and is completely committed to the series," the statement read. "This has not changed.”

In January 2019, IDW disclosed that majority owner/board chairman Howard Jones provided the company with $28 million to fund "broadened production costs and necessary operating costs" for its tv & film projects. In that announcement, IDW disclosed that Syfy stopped funding the show after 2018's third season, with IDW stepping up to fund a fourth and fifth season.

According to IDW, Syfy's license fees for domestic rights only cover 50% of the production budget; they have begun shopping the series to foreign networks and streaming services to recoup the additional investment costs.

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