Michel Fiffe's COPRA Jumps to IMAGE

Credit: Michel Fiffe (Image Comics)
Credit: Michel Fiffe (Image Comics)

Writer/artist Michel Fiffe's COPRA series is jumping to Image Comics, with reprints of the first 31 issues debuting May 1 across five volumes.

"They’re ugly. They’re mean. But up until today, they’ve always been loyal," reads Image's description of the first volume. "So when one of their own betrays them, COPRA has no choice but to turn their nightmarish skills back on everyone who ever even looked at them funny. Here it is: the first six issues of MICHEL FIFFE’s critically acclaimed superhero revenge machine."

COPRA's previous publisher, Bergen Street Press, announced that Fiffe's title would be moving to a new publisher as that company (and its comic store) was shutting down.

New issues of COPRA are expected to be released by Image later this year.


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