Did Pineapples Just Reveal a CAPTAIN MARVEL Twist??

Still from 'Captain Marvel'
Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios and Dole have teamed up to bring fruit to the masses with the power of Captain Marvel. But hidden in their press release for the initiative may be another clue about one of the film's biggest mysteries.

Before we get to that, the film studio and produce company have developed nine Captain Marvel- themed fruit and vegetable recipes designed to encourage fans of superheroes to eat more healthily.

Here's Dole's description of the recipes they've chosen to highlight the initiative, which they're calling "Powering The Hero Within", along with links to each receipe.

"Superheroes in training will be directed to nine Dole fruit and vegetable recipes selected by Marcus for specific nutrient and health benefits important to women. These include Dole’s Coconut Acai Bowl, packed with 10 grams of protein and 12 grams of fiber to break the overnight fast; the antioxidant-rich Berried Treasure Yogurt Cups, which can be prepared in advance to keep blood sugar levels steady throughout the day; Lemon Ginger Spring Vegetable Stir Fry as part of a fiber-rich, heart-healthy diet; and thePower Punch Smoothie, created by Dole specifically for Marvel as a satisfying, nutritious way to support bone health.

To help superheroes at all ages and stages in life boost their iron levels, Marcus recommends Dole’s Wake Up Oats, an iron-rich cereal topped with Vitamin C-rich berries, and Sweet Apple Shaved Brussels Sprouts and Lentils, which capitalizes on the iron-absorption powers of lentils and green vegetables. Citing a study published in the American Psychological Association that found that women who ate five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day had a 23% lower risk of stress, she also pointed to Dole’s popular Fruit Salad Smoothie, delivering close to two full servings of seven fruits and vegetables, and the veggie-packed Veggie Lasagna and Spicy Sweet Potato and Banana Chili in Tortilla Bowls."

“We’re applauding the women everywhere who use their powers, whether supernatural or every day, to fight for a healthier and more equitable planet," said Lisa Overman, Dole's director of marketing. "At the top of this list are all the female farmers, chefs, doctors, nurses, dietitians, scientists, engineers, philanthropists and others who have sacrificed over the years to give us a more fulfilling, nutritious life.”

Additionally, Dole will label its bananas and pineapples with Captain Marvel-themed stickers depicting Carol Danvers, Nick Fury, Talos, Goose the Cat, and, interestingly, Mar-Vell. That's where the rub comes in - no one in the cast has been formally identified as Mar-Vell, though numerous sources have identified Jude Law's character as Mar-Vell, the Kree Warrior who first bore the codename Captain Marvel. Law's character is also the only officially unnamed character depicted on the stickers, seen below:

Credit: Dole

But other sources have named Law's character as Yon-Rogg, Mar-Vell's comic book rival. With this latest twist, it seems the answer of his identity may not be cut-and-dried - and we've got a theory about that .

Captain Marvel opens March 8 in North American theaters.

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