HELLBOY vs. LOBSTER JOHNSON... Inside the Squared Circle

Hellboy vs. Lobster Johnson: The Ring of Death
Credit: Paolo Rivera (Dark Horse Comics)
Credit: Paolo Rivera (Dark Horse Comics)

Two of Mike Mignola's most popular creations, Hellboy and Lobster Johnson, are going at it one more time in a new May one-shot titled Hellboy vs. Lobster Johnson: The Ring of Death, according to Entertainment Weekly. This one-shot revisits Hellboy's memorable 1956 adventures in Mexico that have been told over a series of earlier one-shots, limited series, and short stories.

"As longtime readers might remember, in the summer of 1956 Hellboy went through a rough patch, a months-long drunken ‘lost weekend’ in Mexico that he later claimed to remember very little about, during which he fought Aztec mummies, palled around with Mexican luchador wrestlers, and even spent some time in the ring himself,” said Chris Roberson, who co-writes the book with Mignola. “And it’s also been established that in Hellboy’s world there was a long-running series of low-budget Mexican horror films featuring ‘Lobster Johnson,’ a masked luchador hero inspired by the Depression-era hero the ‘Lobster’ who Hellboy had idolized as a kid."

Sound peculiar? Keep in mind that in the 1970s there was a WWE (then WWWF) wrestler named Batman who fought alongside Bruno Sammartino.

Hellboy vs. Lobster Johnson: The Ring of Death will be written by Mignola and Roberson, and then illustrated by Mike Norton and Paul Grist. Dave Stewart and Bill Crabtree are coloring and lettering the book, respectively.

Look for Dark Horse's full May 2019 solicitations later this month on Newsarama.

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