Chris Hemsworth / Hulk Hogan
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Chris Hemsworth has been cast as Hulk Hogan in a biopic from The Joker director Todd Phillips and writer Scott Silver, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Hogan has somewhat taken a step back from public life in recent years after a private tape was leaked to the National Enquirer revealing that the wrestler/actor had made several self-described "offensive" and "racist" statements about the possibility of a black man dating his daughter.

The film would reportedly be focused on "Hogan's rise" rather than his more recent life events, with Hogan is acting as a consultant/executive producer on the film. The film is being produced by Hogan, Phillips, Michael Sugar, Bradley Cooper, and long-time Hogan business partner Eric Bischoff.

A simiiar wrestling biopic, centered around WWE co-founder Vince McMahon called Pandemonium, has been in development for years.

In a bit of a comics tie-in, Hulk Hogan has long had a business relationship with Marvel Entertainment - paying to license to use the name "Hulk" since the early 1980s.

No release date has been set, but the film is reportedly negotiating to debut on Netflix.

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