BART SEARS' BRUTES & BABES Returns to School You on Drawing Superheroes

Brutes & Babes
Credit: Ominous Press
Credit: Ominous Press

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Ready, set, draw! Published by Ominous Press, BART SEARS' DRAWING POWERFUL HEROES: BRUTES AND BABES was a huge success on Kickstarter, reaching nearly 300% of its funding goal. Now, DRAWING POWERFUL HEROES: BRUTES AND BABES VOLUME 2 is underway, with the Kickstarter campaign going live on Tuesday, Feb. 19.

"I was blown away by the response from the first volume of DRAWING POWERFUL HEROES, so I knew we had to continue the series," said Bart Sears. “I consider myself first and foremost a teacher. The DRAWING POWERFUL HEROES series allows me to pass on the knowledge and techniques I’ve gained over my career. I’m proud to have helped artists learn their craft in the pages of Wizard Magazine, and I’m even happier to continue the process now.”

Acclaimed for his bold storytelling in comics including the million-selling Turok, Justice League International, X-O Manowar, Legends of the Dark Knight, and Violator from Spawn’s Todd McFarlane, Bart Sears taught an entire generation to draw with his Brutes and Babes column in Wizard Magazine. Bart presented dozens of drawing and storytelling tutorials, providing an expansive education in comic art and illustration.

Credit: Ominous Press

DRAWING POWERFUL HEROES VOLUME 2 collects 10 of Bart’s famed drawing lessons, all of them completely revised and updated. Topics include breaking down a page, finishing styles, basic drawing, how to break into comics, and much more. Just as with Volume 1, all of the content has been re-designed for a more reader-friendly and visually-appealing experience. Bart has also written and drawn five completely new lessons just for this hardcover edition. All of the lessons are packed with practical advice, insights, tips, and time-tested rules of illustration and narrative art.

VOLUME 2 is an oversize, 144-page hardcover in full color, and will join its companion volume as one of the best how-to-draw manuals available, perfect for both beginners and more advanced artists.

“Ominous Press is so happy to be publishing DRAWING POWERFUL HEROES VOLUME 2, and sharing Bart’s invaluable experience with artists everywhere. We absolutely believe the next generation of artists will be inspired by this series,” said Sean HusVar, publisher and CEO of Ominous Press.

As a companion to DRAWING POWERFUL HEROES VOLUME 2, the Kickstarter campaign is offering a BLUE-LINE DRAWING BOOK. Printed on illustration-quality paper, the oversize BLUE-LINE DRAWING BOOK contains 48 pages of structure drawings by Bart Sears, allowing artists to draw right over top of his illustrations and practice musculature, finishing styles, and much more.

An array of additional rewards are planned, including a collection of the Black Book series of art books, featuring modern masters of comic art, including Bart Sears, Andy Smith, Jim Starlin, Graham Nolan, and Darryl Banks. Original art rewards by Bart Sears, as well Ominous Press comics, will also be available.

With the help of supporters, DRAWING POWERFUL HEROES VOLUME 2 will be in artist’s hands by summer. The Kickstarter campaign can be found here: Bart Sears' Drawing Powerful Heroes Volume 2 Kickstarter

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