SECOND COMING Writer Says DC Editorial Changes Led to Jump to Another Publisher

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Credit: DC Entertainment
Credit: DC Entertainment

DC canceled writer Mark Russell and artist Richard Pace's Second Coming title from Vertigo after disagreements over editorial changes led the duo to request the full rights to the book back, according to HuffPost.

Although not quoted directly, HuffPost reports that Russell said that DC requested the removal of some profanity and covering up male nudity in a Garden of Eden scene, with additional changes - and a delay to the book - expected. Additionally, Russell says negative attention from a Fox News report and a subsequent petition for the book's cancellation may have indirectly contributed to DC's plans for the story.

“DC was requesting these changes [regarding profanity and nudity] before FOX News set the outrage machine in motion, so it’s difficult to speculate what, if any, impact their campaign had on any of DC’s decision-making,” Russell said. “Though I imagine finding 200,000 auto-generated e-mails in your inbox can’t be too pleasant.”

Second Coming, which Russell and Pace now plan to take to another publisher, would have told the story of Jesus Christ rooming with a modern day superhero as they learn from each others' approaches to doing good.

“They don’t know or care what the comic actually says about Christ," Russell continued, defending his story's take on the religious figure. "They just feel that they and their fellow travelers should be the only ones talking about him."

Russell and Pace haven't specified a new publisher for Second Coming.

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