Is TOM TAYLOR Gonna Kill the Whole DC Universe in DCEASED?

'DCeased' art
Credit: Trevor Hairsine (DC)

Injustice writer Tom Taylor has been cryptically foreshadowing a new DC story titled DCeased - which may involve a zombie apocalypse overtaking the DC Universe.

In a series of Twitter posts, Taylor offered brief quotes and teases for whatever DCeased winds up being - including art from recent Heroes in Crisis cover artist Trevor Hairsine that seems to show Superman and a group of humans fighting off what may be zombies. Taylor also posted a multitude of brief teases alluding to the deaths of Darkseid, Superman, Cyborg, the Titans, and the entire Justice League.



Taylor also pointed back to an older tweet which seems to show pencil art of Batman punching what looks like a zombie of some kind, as well as a new Instagram post showing art of Darkseid, along with the text "Darkseid was."




“Darkseid was.” #DCEASED #dccomics #justiceleague #superman #batman #wonderwoman #Darkseid

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Look for more on this "DCeased" project as it develops on Newsarama.

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