Russian Romance In COMRADES First Look

"Comrades" preview

Check out a first look at Dale Lazarov and Enrique Nieto's Comrades OGN before its debut on March 29.

Script and art direction: Dale Lazarov
Linework and colors: Enrique Nieto.
In the spirit of friendship, an observational tour of the miracles of cooperative workers’ endeavors turns into a stimulating, brawny holiday for a Moscow host and a guest from the East of the continent. Will their manly man-love surmount the obstacles between them?
Inspired by Russia’s current law against gay visibility, COMRADES wallows in the unabashed romanticism and muscular, unintentional homoeroticism of Soviet-era propaganda art!
“Leave it to Dale Lazarov, that world famous and deeply beloved Stan Lee of Gay, and his esteemed collaborator, Enrique Nieto, to put the "gress" back in "transgressive" with COMRADES, a funny, heartfelt and sexy shot at US/Russian relations…and believe you me, there’s a shitload of relating going on here." -- Howard Chaykin, creator of Black Kiss, Hey Kids! Comics, and American Flagg!
64 pages -- $30.00

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