DONNY CATES Wants to Reboot Marvel's ULTIMATE Universe

Ultimate pin-up
Credit: Bryan Hitch (Marvel Comics)

Donny Cates has expressed interest in revitalizing Marvel Comics' Ulitmate Universe. The writer brought it up in response a fan openly asking for the return of the imprint, possibly led by Cates.

Marvel's Ultimate Universe line of titles was published from 2000 to 2015, ending with the onset of the Secret Wars event. Several characters including Ultimate Miles Morales and Ultimate Reed Richards migrated to Marvel's primary universe, but no new Ultimate titles have been published since 2015's Ultimate End. In December 2017's Spider-Men II, it was revealed that the Universe survived Secret Wars and continues on with the remaining characters.

"[Jonathan Hickman's Ultimates is one] of the most thought provoking and subversive runs in modern comics history," Cates said on previously. "The things Hickman builds and destroys in the span of this run will genuinely shock you in a way no other comic can. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant and devastating."

Cates recently finished showrunning Marvel Knights 20th, a celebration of the other major imprint then Editor-In-Chief (now CCO) Joe Quesada launched at Marvel.

November 1, 2020 would be the 20-year anniversary of the Ultimate line's launch with Ultimate Spider-Man #1.

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