Wendy's sign

Writer Gail Simone made her name working for both Marvel and DC Comics (alongside her creator-owned work, of course). But now it seems the Domino: Hotshots writer is stirring up some Twitter "beef" between the two publishers by asking the social media accounts of various brands to pick a favorite between Marvel and DC.

Fast food chain Wendy's was the biggest fish to bite on Simone's ask, answering that they prefer Marvel - before quickly pointing out that they like DC Comics too.

Of course, Wendy's may have to rethink its position - as one fan subsequently pointed out, Marvel doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to redheads, prompting Wendy's to jokingly reconsider their choice.

Meanwhile, Valiant Entertainment wanted in on the action, entreating both Hot Pockets and Steak Umms to be the official food of their brand. Steak Umms seems to have taken the offer, perhaps contingent on Valiant printing comic book covers on beef (something the publisher says they can do).




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