WONDER GIRL's Continuity Clarified... But Mysteries Still Abound with YOUNG JUSTICE #2 - SPOILERS

Young Justice #2
Credit: Emanuela Lupacchino (DC Comics/Wonder Comics)
Credit: Emanuela Lupacchino (DC Comics/Wonder Comics)

Spoilers ahead for this week's Young Justice #2.

After the return of Conner Kent Superboy in Young Justice #1, and the revelation that the former teammates now somehow remember each other (despite past continuity changes), this week’s Young Justice #2 begins explaining the new continuity of the team.

First up: Wonder Girl. Young Justice #2 gives readers a quick introduction to her history and it looks like they’re sticking with part of her "New 52" origin, but are possibly getting rid of other parts.

What they kept

In January’s Young Justice #1, it was revealed that Cassie Sandsmark is still the granddaughter of Zeus. Her status as Zeus’ granddaughter was her new origin during the "New 52." Cassie had previously (in post-Crisis continuity) been Zeus’ daughter, but during the "New 52," Wonder Woman was revealed to be the daughter of Zeus. Cassie was switched to being the daughter of Wonder Woman’s half-brother, Lennox.

What’s not mentioned

In Young Justice #2, there’s no mention of Lennox. But Zeus does drop a compliment for Cassie’s mother, who is probably still the archaeologist Helena Sandsmark.

Despite still being the granddaughter of Zeus, the Cassie of the new Young Justice comic book seems more like her post-Crisis self. This Wonder Girl has a younger appearance than she did in the "New 52," and her costume is more reminiscent of her old Young Justice look than her skin-tight, curve-enhancing "New 52" costume.

In Young Justice #2, Zeus actually shows up to talk to his granddaughter, although it’s during a flashback that a caption clarifies took place before Darkseid took the god down last year.

Credit: Patrick Gleason (DC Comics/Wonder Comics)

Zeus even offers Cassie a necklace that supposedly has great power and will allow her to become a protector of “the realm,” but she says no thanks, preferring to figure out her role apart from Zeus.

What happened next?

Readers are left with a mystery during the flashback, however, as the end of it sees Cassie saying, “Uh-oh. Now what?” But the person or thing to which she’s reacting is never shown.

Something else significant probably happened right after Cassie ran into Zeus, because in Young Justice #1, she seemed afraid of something. She was reluctant to get involved in the fight when invaders from Gemworld showed up right in front of her.

In fact, Cassie told Tim Drake, “I can’t right now. I can’t.”

Credit: Patrick Gleason (DC Comics/Wonder Comics)

Young Justice #2 also shows what happened to the rest of the team when they were all sucked into Gemworld at the end of issue #1.

The first issue already revealed that Tim Drake ran into Princess Amethyst when he got to Gemworld, and Bart Allen surprisingly ran into Conner Kent Superboy.

Now readers see that Cassie, Jinny Hex, and Teen Lantern all landed in the same area as well. In Young Justice #2, they work together and eventually run into Robin and Amethyst.

Conner Kent mystery

Credit: Patrick Gleason (DC Comics/Wonder Comics)

There’s no sign of Bart and Conner in Young Justice #2, however, nor any answers about how Conner Kent suddenly exists in “Rebirth” continuity (nor how Robin dropped his name in the last issue, even though he had previously not remembered him).

There has been, however, some indication of Gemworld existing outside DC continuity. In Young Justice #1, it was revealed that Gemworld was affected when Earth “survived seven crises.” However, it might somehow not be as affected by continuity.

That doesn’t exactly explain how Conner got there, nor how he grew the beard that surprised Bart.

But if the slow reveal of Cassie’s history is any indication, the Young Justice team will have to fight through their challenges before all the answers to these questions are answered, particularly with Lord Opal of Gemworld showing up to fight the team on the final page of Young Justice #2 this week..

The story continues with March 6's Young Justice #3.

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