[Redacted] Dies in UNCANNY X-MEN #11 - SPOILERS

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Credit: Marvel Comics

This week’s Uncanny X-Men #11 from writer Matthew Rosenberg and artists Salvador Larroca, Rachelle Rosenberg, John McCrea, Mike Spicer, and Juanan Ramirez lays great personal tragedy at the feet of one mutant, and foretells of even more for the rest of the team.

For full details, read on, but be warned that in addition to spoilers the subsequent text discusses issues of trauma and mental illness that could be difficult for some readers. 

Spoilers ahead for Uncanny X-Men #11

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Uncanny X-Men #11 finally reunites the recently resurrected Cyclops and Wolverine – but at a heavy price.

Throughout the story, the mutant Blindfold – a member of the Young X-Men who has no eyes, but who sees the future in broken visions - tracks Cyclops and Wolverine separately, confronting them each and warning that great tragedy lies in their futures.

Both Wolverine and Cyclops tell Blindfold they believe the X-Men, who are currently presumed dead while trapped in the “Age of X-Man,” are still alive. But Blindfold warns them both about their future actions, and says the X-Men will die - presumably warning that it will happen for real this time - before disappearing.

Incensed by anti-mutant sentiment growing in the country following the advancement of a mutant vaccine and the rise of popular anti-mutant politicians, Cyclops asks Jamie Madrox to find Blindfold, and he does. Though she’s in hiding, Blindfold allows Madrox to tell Cyclops where she is, but by the time he arrives, it’s too late - Blindfold has committed suicide, apparently fearing the future that she foresaw too much.

(Editor's Note: Writer Matthew Rosenberg addresses the story's discussion of mental illness and self-harm and his own relationship to these topics along with links to outreach programs in this post from his personal Facebook page).

Blindfold’s death and cryptic words motivate Cyclops to attend an anti-mutant rally where he’s recognized, causing a potential incident that is quelled by Captain America. From there, Cyclops puts out a call to any and all surviving X-Men to join him at a designated meeting spot.

But when the time comes, the only ones who show are anti-mutant terrorists such as the Reavers, Purifiers, and more, come to kill Cyclops – or so they think. Unbeknownst to them, Wolverine is there too. He and Cyclops fight side-by-side, apparently slaughtering every enemy present before departing as the X-Men.

Credit: Marvel Comics

The story continues in February 20’s Uncanny X-Men #12.

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