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Credit: Marvel Comics

This week’s Champions #2 from writer Jim Zub and artists Jim Cummings and Marcio Menyz reveals the nature of Miles Morales’ deal with Mephisto – and it’s a dark turn for the teen team.

To find out what’s at stake for Miles’ dark deal, read on – but be warned, spoilers are ahead.

Spoilers ahead for Champions #2.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

In Champions #2, the team takes on the massive electrically-powered villain Zzzax as it terrorizes Dubai. As Amadeus Cho struggles to build a containment unit to defeat Zzzax, the situation spirals out of control. The electrical creature creates an electrical disruption that shuts down communications – and seemingly shorts out Viv Vision.

From there, things just get worse. An entire building collapses on the area, burying Ms. Marvel in the rubble - killing her. With Ms. Marvel and Viv both apparently dead, Miles Morales and Amadeus only have moments to process what’s happening before Mephisto shows up offering a way out.

The dark entity offers Miles and Amadeus a deal – he’ll turn back time and allow Miles and Amadeus to save Ms. Marvel and Viv, and all they have to do in exchange is accept is help.

Amadeus is reluctant, how can they trust Mephisto? But Miles, perhaps reeling from the recent tragedy at his school, agrees, letting Mephisto reverse time and giving the Champions the edge to defeat Zzzax before it can wreak true havoc and kill Kamala and Viv.

Credit: Marvel Comics

But as the team celebrates, it appears there was a price after all – the hand of an innocent girl the team saved in the pre-Mephisto version of the fight is seen laying lifeless among the rubble.

With two lives saved by Mephisto and one apparently lost as a result, the potential question remains, what’s the other fallout? Will a second person die to make up for saving Kamala and Viv? And could there be a connection between that price and Aunt May’s seemingly terminal cancer as revealed in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man?

If Miles’ deal is the reason for Aunt May’s cancer – and Peter Parker finds out – that could explain the recent Spider-Man/Venom FCBD #1 cover which pits Peter and Miles against each other.

The story continues in March 6’s Champions #3.

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