EL VECINO Show Coming from NETFLIX

El Vecino
Credit: Pepo Pérez (Astiberri)
Credit: Pepo Pérez (Astiberri)

Netflix is developing a live action television series based on the Spanish superhero comedy title El Vecino ("The Neighbor" in English) by writer Santiao Garcia and artist Pepo Perez, according to Deadline. Colossal's Nacho Vigalando has signed on to direct the series, with actors Quim Gutiérrez, Clara Lago, Catalina Sopelana and Adrián Pino on-board in unspecified roles.

"Javier’s life is not going well. The last thing he needs is for an alien to land on him and transfer its powers before dying. Now Javier is a superhero, but it turns out super powers are useless when you get fired from your job or your girlfriend decides she wants to take a break," reads Deadline's description of the movie. "Fortunately, Javier’s friend and neighbor José will teach him to use his powers for good and hide his secret identity, especially from his girlfriend who’s now investigating Titan, the mysterious superhero."

El Vecino is published by the Spanish publisher Astiberri, and has not been translated for English-speaking audiences.

Netflix has not set a timetable for El Vecino's release.

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